APP REVIEW:  Oggl & Hipstamatic... Probably the coolest photo apps so far

APP REVIEW: Oggl & Hipstamatic… Probably the coolest photo apps so far

hipstamatic-iconI probably shouldn’t share this… because it might steal some of the mystery… but indeed iPhone’s & Droid’s users can now get some incredibly great pictures in a snap.  I am talking amazing, creative, pre-retouch quality images… saved in high quality / high res (if you like).  Sure Instagram takes you though steps to tart up pics with some similar end results… but why all the hassle, and why only low-res?  Hassle free Hipstamatic is MUCH BETTER.

Hipstamatic makes it easier and quicker to play with effects, and is QUICKER, EASIER MORE FUN, FLEXIBLE AND FAB… Putting Instagram and the like in the shade.  What’s more, you can actually take and share higher-res images than Instagram currently support… so you might actually get a decent print of an image, rather than being limited to small views on webpages. For that I love it!

OGGL is Hipstamatic’s social network, that also doubles as a camera as well.  The free version is superb… but for those who upgrade, you get tons more filters and effects… all for less than a tenner a year.  Or buy the filters seperately in Hipstamatic…

Check them out on the App Store and Play Store.

Check out my Hipstagram pics taken around London at


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