Portfolio: Egg Club London / Website design and bespoke CMS programming (2009-2013)

In 2009, the went under a redesign… stripping out a clumsy and small window Flash based site in favour of bespoke content managed site in dynamic HTML, jQuery, automated event managers, music players, video players, galleries, slide-shows, ticketing systems integration, social network integration… and so much more.  And all in ways that work on iPhone and other smart phones.   In 2012, the site got a refreshed look, stylish embedded fonts, a larger screen layout and more bells and whistles!

The staff at the club maintain the site – pretty much entirely on their own, with only occasional support being required from yours truly.

A great portfolio piece, which was live for 4 years (from 2009-2013)… and a great demostration of some advanced flexible bespoke CMS creation.

Egg is a cool club, that needs a cool site. It was a pleasure to help them out for over 4 years!

More recently, in April 2013, their site was redesigned again – this time not by me (as I was no longer available for freelance work). Nice though, that they kept the basics of what was there from our original work on the project… and added a few new twists.

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Terence Chisholm A proud geek, digital strategist, designer and programmer based in London (UK), Terence Chisholm makes great digital projects happen and has been "getting his geek on" since 1996 and in graphic design for print before that. Terry also likes travel, music, the arts and photography.