Portfolio: Backend conversion and advanced data programming for Bushmills Whiskey 2010-12

Converting an entire site from .NET servers to LAMP servers, and rebuilding an insanely complex XML treatment at the backend to get some fancy data capture form working to their new guidelines to adding overlays for age checks and links that search engines can crawl, to increase traffic from google, bing, yahoo and others.  This version of the site was live from 2010 till June 2012.  I also helped out with the latest Bushmills site that just went live in 2012 as well.

Visit the site at: Bushmills.com

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Terence Chisholm A proud geek, digital strategist, designer and programmer based in London (UK), Terence Chisholm makes great digital projects happen and has been "getting his geek on" since 1996 and in graphic design for print before that. Terry also likes travel, music, the arts and photography.