NYC 2020.02

NYC 2020.02

A visit to the big Apple, to catch up with mates… see some sites and more.

Here’s some pics from my time here.

On this visit, I got to see Heather Dega for some art at a photographer gallery in the lower east side featuring the start of Hip Hop & tasty Indian Curries on another day. Had lunch with Sia, then joined her for a tour of the set of the TV show Blacklist – which was amazing!

I assisted my buddy Lee in setting up his gear for filming at a Legal Tech conference, and went out tons for meals drinks and more at places that play Broadway tunes on piano in sing-a-long bars in the West Village, and even a drag bar night.

I met up with my Mike and James for meals at their place and a few fabulously stylish places…

And then, exhausted myself in the cold weather, bringing home a cough, a new winter sweater & hat… along with great memories.

I even walked past Ru Paul, and said “Hi Ru” as we passed. He turned and said, “hi” back. It was nice that even though he was in a hurry, and walking and talking with a group… he still said “hi” to random passers-by.

New York is a great town. Winter there is bloody cold though.

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