Seville Spain 2020.01

Seville Spain 2020.01

Ian and I went to Seville in Spain this January, for some culture, beauty and sunshine. It is a beautiful place! The people here are nice, helpful and kind to folks who visit… and they seem to really genuinely be interested in kindness towards visitors… which makes a change from London… that’s for damn sure!

We did the Hop-On Hop-Off bus, and only stopped off a few times. Lots of these pics were taken from the top of the bus. The town is very walkable, so once you get bussed around, you may find you perfer to walk around the areas of interest seen from the bus. For us, those were the areas with medieval roads/paths/walkways and the newer palace style areas and parks. The old Jewish area is ideal on foot, and full of romantic surprises. There’s a fortress, gothic cathedral, old towers, a river and more.

In Star Wars, the Capital of Naboo was filmed here… before Anakin Skywalker turned into Darth Vader.

I snapped photos like mad (using Hipstamatic). But as Facebook is a morally bankrupt cavity of tax avoidance and corporate greed, I am no longer posting anything there… especially as it’s a voting year, and they did and decidedly continue to enable and profit from liars who spread fake news… in the year 2020 (which also stands for perfect vision) I won’t be using that shit this year.

Here’s some of my pics!

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